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Favorite Pictures of 2015

on December 31, 2015

Here we go! It was kind of slim pickings this year. I didn’t take near the amount of the pictures that I did last year. My photography kind of fell off the map in 2015. Definitely need to bring that back.

surfer girl

Surfer Laney. Love how much she loved being out in the water, and I love the blue on blue on blue.

beach 4

Another one from Mexico last January. Caden loves her hats!

bus stop 3

Annie loves her sisters something fierce.

laney summer

caden summer

Two shots from summertime water fun. Sometimes it’s good to remember that I can take amazing pictures occasionally.

last game 3

Softball! The girls finally found their sport.

lake 2

Summertime at the lake.

second grade

First day of second grade!

corn 5

At the corn maze last fall. I do love a good silhouette.

outtake 6

An outtake from our Christmas card shoot. Man we had beautiful light that day! I do love Caden’s arm around Delaney too.


And a little holiday bokeh to end the list!

One response to “Favorite Pictures of 2015

  1. Nanny Sue says:

    Love the recap, Erin… lovely photos.

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