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Welcome to the family Lark

on December 29, 2015


Since the moment we picked Lark up as our foster dog, I’ve been contemplating adopting her. I’ve changed my mind on this subject a million times! For a long time I really believed our house wasn’t the best house for her forever home. The girls can be loud when she prefers quiet, and they want to pick her up when she wants to sit in her spot. She had a bit of a rough transition to the new house, and then had a stressful Thanksgiving at my parent’s house. Both of these things reinforced to me that we were just a stepping stone for her.

But Delaney fell in love with her, and worked so hard to gain her trust. Slowly but surely Lark started trusting her, laying her head in her lap and letting her pick her up. On our evening walks, Delaney made her case for adopting Lark, but when I told her I didn’t think that was the best thing she started crying. Her tears made me really reexamine my decision.

Between the two foster dogs, Midas is the easy one. That boy loves us all something fierce, is super happy to see us, and for the most part, goes potty outside without issue. I’ve almost adopted him multiple times he’s so darn cute. But Annie loves Lark. They play super hard and it’s made me realize how much Annie loves having a playmate. Both dogs had their pluses and minuses but in the end it came down to one thing – Lark needs us more.

Midas gets picked up constantly at adoption events. He has several admirers at each event that I chat up and tell his story to. Lark doesn’t. She’s too nervous, so she flits around the area never stopping long enough for anyone to pick her up and fall in love with her. While I love Midas to pieces, he will find his forever family, but I finally realized that Lark had already found hers.

I finalized the adoption just before Christmas, and surprised the girls Christmas morning. I swear Lark knew, because she has been trying so hard lately. She did really awesome at Christmas. She fell asleep next to my dad, let my mom pick her up, and seemed a little less anxious at their house. It was so good to see the changes in her, and made me realize that Delaney had been right all along.

Coincidentally, today is Lark’s third birthday! Happy Birthday Larkie. I know those first two and a half years were rough, but it’s only the good stuff from here on out.

4 responses to “Welcome to the family Lark

  1. Damita says:

    That’s awesome! I’d been wondering if you’d end up adopting one or even both of them eventually. Happy birthday Lark! (still hoping you keep Midas, too, lol)

    • Erin says:

      I would love to adopt Midas and that still may happen. He’s so darn cute! My only limitation is that I really didn’t ever want to three dogs. It’s fine when we’re home, but when we travel anywhere, three dogs is a lot to either take with or board. We shall see!

  2. Joanna says:

    This gave me the chills. Happy Birthday, Lark!

  3. Scott says:

    I am officially starting the “keep Midas” campaign. Having 3 dogs was your inner subconscious voice saying ” Caden needs a puppy dog to to hold too” in the family pictures!

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