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Christmas 2015

on December 28, 2015

Our Christmas was nice and low key this year. The girls and I ran some errands Christmas Eve morning, hitting the coffee shop, liquor store, and the pet store. As we were browsing the dog sweaters an employee told us all of the sweaters were ringing up at $5.07 (regularly priced at $20+!). We got serious then and started going through everything. Lark got two new fleece that are perfect for her. They have nice armholes that won’t irritate her, and they are long enough to keep her entire body covered. Midas got a new hoodie, and Annie got a sweater that she of course is embarrassed of. Here’s Lark modeling her teddy bear fleece. I’ve always stayed away from hoods, but now I wonder why? Those ears need to be kept warm!

lark fleece

We drove down to my parent’s house on Christmas Eve with plenty of time to get everyone lunch, and then changed into Christmas dresses before church. We even took a family picture! I think this is the first one in eight years that has turned out mostly normal.


Church was good (why are all of those hymns sung in such a high key?), and then we had the entire evening ahead of us. My mom and I made roast chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, and my dad found out that dairy free mashed potatoes taste just as good smothered in gravy as the ones with butter do.


The girls spent the entire evening on Google’s Santa Tracker. They were ENTHRALLED, constantly tracking his every move, and shouting out which town he was in and where he was going next. I hope this isn’t the peak of the Christmas magic, but it has to be close. They completely believe, and were so excited to give their gifts, to open their gifts, and to spend time with family. It was really, really fun.

Caden was awake at 5am, asking if she could get up. NO. I think she fell back asleep? I certainly did. At 6:40 Delaney woke up and I again said no. My dad came downstairs to see what was up and overrode me. It was probably good we got up when we did, or we would have been eating breakfast super late. I took three pictures and then my camera battery died. I knew it was close, but I couldn’t find my charger and I hoped it would get me through the day. Oh well.


The girls got a lot of Legos – the hotel, the ranch, and the cruise ship. Caden got a MiP robot they they are learning to program. Delaney also got some really nice markers and fancy coloring books that she is super excited about. A few books, some clothes, gift cards, nerf guns, a claw machine, some games, and a scooter rounded things out. I felt good about this year, I didn’t go overboard (and neither did my parents) and I think the number of dud presents should be relatively low. Next year will be interesting since I’m hoping to get some sort of game table for the basement (either air hockey or a foosball table) which would mean one big gift for both, and then just a few smaller presents. Maybe a good time to switch over to that though?

2 responses to “Christmas 2015

  1. Amanda says:

    We got air hockey this year, with a ping pong table that sits on top of it. Huge hit!

    • Erin says:

      Where did you buy it from? I would like a nice one that will last us for years and years. I’ve looked at a few on Amazon, but would like to buy locally where I could really look at them and talk to a salesperson or something.

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