The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

How many days until Christmas?

on December 21, 2015

Christmas is so close it is driving the girls crazy! Even worse, we were at my parent’s house this weekend and they saw presents for them and they couldn’t open them! It is rough being a kid at Christmas time.

Every year my parents take the girls shopping for presents for me, and then we usually each take a child so they can shop for each other. This year, I also wanted them to pick out a present for my mom and dad. They get so into the receiving of presents, I really wanted them to start thinking about giving presents as well. We wanted to do this shopping last weekend but Caden was sick. The hope was to do it Saturday morning before the Krohn family Christmas, but I’ve been exhausted (my reflux is awful right now) and couldn’t get moving in the morning, so we got to Mankato too late to shop. We thought maybe Saturday evening? But we hit the holiday lights and had dinner instead. We finally made it out Sunday morning. When I met up with everyone to take Caden shopping, I asked Caden how it went. She said it was really hard to think of things the other person wanted, not just what she wanted. Indeed. I think it was a good lesson for them though.

The holiday lights! We do this every year, and it’s another one of my favorite holiday traditions. Every year they add more lights, and every year it’s more beautiful. It’s so festive, and such a neat experience, I love it.


Today is the start of their holiday break. Two weeks off from school! They’re excited for the break, and I’m excited to work from home and not have to do the morning hustle for two weeks. A little reading, a little Lego time, and a little time to watch the Star Wars movies. Because they are my children, they’ve come up with an hour by hour schedule for day 1. They even slotted in a half hour after lunch to get groceries, and another half hour later in the day to clean up the house. So far, I like it!

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