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Life with identical twins

Mom Fail

on December 17, 2015

This fall was clearly crazy. Since we were adding in piano lessons, the girls made the decision to drop Girl Scouts. It was Sunday afternoons which they didn’t like, but I don’t think they were close to any of the girls except one, which didn’t help. Normally we would have started gymnastics lessons, but I didn’t feel like I could add that to my plate at that point, timewise or financially. We talked about it and agreed we would start gymnastics lessons in January.

So here we are and guess what? The classes at our gym in their level are full. There is one open class on Thursdays at 3:55pm. It’s my work from home day so maybe we could make it there on time and maybe I could work from the gym, but it’s more likely that that is a recipe for disaster. We could find a new gym, or go back to community ed lessons, but neither are optimal.

After the Nutcracker, Delaney throws a wrench in things and says she wants to take dance lessons again. Oh man. I did a bit of research but honestly, dance starts in the fall. Starting in January just isn’t possible. Maybe next year we’ll go back to dance lessons, but this year, we can’t.

To put another wrench into things, the girls are attending a softball hitting clinic one night a week in January. Summer softball will start end of April. We are not necessarily a family that does well having things every night of the week. I have lobbied hard for them to do swimming lessons. They love to swim, we could do them for a few months, then switch over to softball, but they aren’t having it. I’m going to make one more push for swimming lessons, then I’ll call the gymnastics place to see if we can maybe slot into the class one level up. I think they’ll do fine, and there is Saturday morning lessons available.

I feel like I need some sort of flow chart for this!

One response to “Mom Fail

  1. […] In December I talked about how the girls wanted to do dance lessons and I just didn’t know how to make it happen. In the town calendar I saw an ad for a ballet school so I checked it out online. They had recently performed their own Nutcracker (we missed it by days!) and they were a ballet only school, exactly like the one I had attended when I was younger. It was perfect because it focused on ballet like the girls wanted, and since they don’t do a recital, we hadn’t missed out on anything. I emailed the owner and we were in. […]

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