The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on December 16, 2015

When we cleaned out the old house in order to put it on the market, it was like finally being able to breathe inside that house again. That house had some great closets, and we filled them to the brim. We also accumulated dressers and toys in every nook and cranny.

Having to really pare down was very freeing. I LOVED having a smaller wardrobe. Choosing what to wear was so much simpler because I didn’t have much to choose from! Decision fatigue is real people. I can definitely see why people have a uniform that they wear every day, it would make things so much easier.

When we moved into the new house, I did another sweep through my clothes and got rid of even more things. I didn’t want to feel guilty about never wearing something. I finally let go of things that I had bought, but just never wore. (Oddly enough, I did this all two days before I read the KonMari book, and that is exactly her advice!) It’s so nice to look in my closet and feel good about everything that’s in there.

It’s also made not buying any clothes a whole lot easier. To be honest, I haven’t had any desire to buy new clothes for a while. In the beginning of the year I used to have to stay away from shopping malls, but walking through the stores Christmas shopping all I could think was “Cute, but I don’t need it.” It’s SO good to be in this place. As much as I loved to shop, it’s like flushing money down the toilet as I donate bag after bag of clothes to Goodwill, and I don’t want to do that anymore. The final clothes shopping tally from year to year is in! I spent $4634 in 2014 and $1209 in 2015 and I didn’t buy a single thing for myself. Not even new shoes! I think that number will go down again in 2016 as well, since it’s becoming clear the girls are not clothes hounds and would prefer a smaller wardrobe as well. (Because let’s be honest, $1200 for kids clothes is too much. At least $400 of that is shoes + boots, but still. We shop at Old Navy most of the time for goodness sake!)

Simplification has spilled over to my kitchen as well. I have a lot fewer cabinets in this kitchen, and so have had to be much more selective about what actually lives in my kitchen. I thought this would be Hard, that I would constantly be wishing for more space, but the truth is, I only use a small portion of the things I have. We used to have a huge drawer full of snack stuff that I bought that we rarely ate. Now we have one tiny drawer and guess what? We don’t eat much of what is in there either. It’s inspired me to just not buy. When we run out sure, but I have a tendency to buy just in case and I don’t need to do that. (Or I buy five different kinds of the same thing. You might like popcorn? Here are five different kinds to try! Oof.)

This was the exact outcome I was hoping for out of this experiment. It’s made me be more aware of what I have, and more aware of my purchases. I don’t want a ton of stuff. I’ve been reading personal finance blogs for years that talk about how your stuff owns you, and how it costs you in time and money, but I was never able to make the shift until now. Truth be told there is more work to be done. More things to be cleaned out (my poor garage!), and more areas to simplify. But I feel good about where I’m at now, and hopeful that I can keep this momentum going.

**Per the usual, I don’t think this whole not buying anything for a month or a year is for everyone, but if you are someone who maybe wants to buy a little less, my number one recommendation is to unsubscribe from all of those emails you get. It’s incredibly freeing and will give you so much time back in your day!

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