The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Advent Lighting

on December 10, 2015

We have not gone to church in a very long time. Summer is always difficult since we’re out of town a lot, then fall hit and we sold the house. A few Sunday mornings I tried to rally us, but we just never made it. An email went out a few weeks ago that second graders always light the advent candles. I immediately signed us up for a Wednesday evening service knowing it would get us to church during the holiday season.

Church isn’t until 6:30, and with the move we can walk there! Even in the dark when it’s only 45 degrees. We had plenty of time for dinner, then everyone brushed their hair and we walked over. For some reason this year, I don’t get as much info out of the girls about their school day, so on the walk I asked a lot of questions and since it was quiet and there were no distractions, they happily answered them. It was nice.

Caden was supposed to light the first candle, then Delaney the second. Then they needed to go light two other candles that were anchored in sand. It took some time and a little help to get the big Advent candles lit. Then they grabbed their smaller candles and lit those, but by the time they turned and walked to the candle they were supposed to light, their candle was out! So they went back to the big candles to light them again, turned to light the others and out again! There was an older gentleman in the front row who started chuckling. You couldn’t help but laugh! They were trying so hard! I was up on the altar ready to read my prayer, so I couldn’t help. Eventually, they got it done.

The service was a shorter service and focused on getting together at night to be still. I loved it. It was absolutely perfect. In fact, we all loved it so much we signed up to light the candles (when they will light all four!) December 23.

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