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Express Myself

on December 8, 2015

The girls’ school is an international baccalaureate school. In addition to their regular curriculum, they do ‘planners’ that last several months where they dig deeper into a topic and will do all sorts of activities around it. The current planner is “How we express ourselves”. They’ve been talking about all the different ways you can express yourself – dance, art, poems, acting, sports.

Last week Caden told me that she was going to read a poem from Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein for her presentation on how she expresses herself. Be still my heart! Also, I didn’t even know about this little presentation. I love that she and Delaney both figured out what they wanted to do all on their own. She read me a bunch of poems that she loved, and we talked about which would be good for her presentation and which wouldn’t work as well. She ended up choosing one called ‘Snowman’ because she thought it was perfect with the snow we had gotten recently.

All of this chatter made me ask Delaney what she was going to do. Hers was already done! She drew a picture of when we went swimming with the dolphins. How sweet is that? I had no idea that experience stayed with her like that.  We’re going to look through our pictures from that day and pick a few to print out. She also had a classmate (a boy she went to preschool with!) that asked her to be part of his presentation. I think they did some sort of play?


One response to “Express Myself

  1. Grammy says:

    Those little minds are so creative! Swimming with the dolphins was such a great experience. I think this drawing needs a frame.

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