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Life with identical twins

Bake Day 2015

on December 7, 2015

Bake Day! For me, the Christmas season doesn’t really start until we bake Christmas cookies all day with my family. It’s such a holiday tradition, and one we all look forward to. For future reference, this year my recipes were peanut butter cups, gluten free chocolate thumbprints, and a flourless chocolate cookie. All were good! It can definitely be hard to find recipes that are gluten/dairy free, that don’t involve crazy gf baking ingredients I don’t want to subject my family to. I’m certainly not going to bring a recipe that calls for cashew butter and medjool dates! I’d get boo’d out of the house. This year ran incredibly smooth. We crafted and lunched, and didn’t start baking until after noon. We thought for sure we’d still be baking cookies at midnight, but we had everything finished up by 4:30pm.

bakd 1

Starting off with the craft! Here is Delaney’s. It’s like a faux snowglobe with a tealight stuck to the lid of the mason jar so that it gets all pretty at night. It was very fun to pick our decorations and then sprinkle the whole thing with “snow”.

bake 2

Looking through my Bake Day pictures this is the only one of Caden! She really was a great helper! She made one regular jar, then painted one with a snowflake stencil. I put the jars out in the living room, only to find them all moved to the girls’ room five minutes later.

bake craft

All the crafts lit up so pretty.

bake 3

Delaney and Grammy making a batch of cookies! My girls really, really wanted to make chocolate chip cookies for Bake Day so my mom made it happen.

bake 4

Spritz cookies! These used to be my all time favorite Christmas cookie. Later in the day I was sitting at the table and there was a plate of them in front of me. I made them move them because it was too tempting! Also, apparently my mom found a spritz thing that worked because I heard very little cursing while these were being cranked out.

bake 5

The laundry room was the holding zone for cooling cookies. And also cooling caramel popcorn. I spent a bit of time in there.

bake 6

Cousins and light up necklaces! I loved these.

bake 7

I brought Midas along because he’s little and everyone should meet him and get to snuggle him. The problem (or not?) is that he’s so little, someone had to hold him all the time or someone would risk stepping on him. He was a perfect gentleman, and did a little floor cleaning when he was allowed to roam. By the end of the night he was so exhausted he fell asleep sitting up while I was holding him. Note to my cousin Gage – he’s still available for adoption!

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