The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Operation Annie

on December 4, 2015


Overall, the dogs have adjusted well to the new house. Lark spent about a week downstairs in her crate, but she’s now comfortable enough that she ventures upstairs quite a bit. Midas didn’t miss a beat! He loves being able to look out the windows! (But barks at his reflection.) Annie seemed to be fine, until I realized that she looked a little forlorn. She just wasn’t herself. She seemed a little quieter, a little sad. The thing is, she had a lot to do at our old house. The backyard was huge and there were squirrels and rabbits that she had to keep in line. She raced them up and down the fence line for hours. She got a good amount of exercise in, both physical and mental. She doesn’t get that in the new yard, it’s too small.

And so we have Operation Annie Needs To Lose Weight and Get Some Exercise. We’ve been doing walks almost every day, even if it’s just down and around our block in the evenings. Annie loves it! I’ve even noticed her running around in the backyard a bit more, so clearly the exercise is helping. I’ve also been scaling back her food a bit. Annie weighs around 20 lbs. She needs to lose 3-5 lbs to be in a healthier weight range. Exercise will help, but she also gets her fair share of plates to lick so we’re cutting down on that too. If she was an only dog it might be harder, but with three dogs begging for food, it’s easier to just throw it into the organics bin and call it a day.

Wish us luck!

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