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Chatty Kathleen

on December 3, 2015

We had a lot to do on Saturday and I knew the girls would need to actually help, so I decided to divide and conquer. Delaney stayed home with my dad to install the closet, and Caden came with my mom and I to clean the old house. I knew Delaney would be a good helper for my dad (and she was), and Caden loves a good list, so we made a cleaning list and dragged her to the old house.

I get to spend very little one on one time with the girls, so it was nice to just be with Caden. We hit Costco first and it was crazy busy. She kept up a running narrative through the whole store! And then kept chatting while we cleaned and vacuumed and she ate the caramel corn we bought at Costco. I thought she might quiet down when we went back to her sister but nope, still talked a mile a minute. The adults kept looking at each other and laughing because honestly! I’ve never heard someone talk so much in my life!

She is on this weird talking streak and I think it actually might be painful for her to be quiet. It’s not even a possibility for her. She narrates everything and it doesn’t matter what she’s supposed to be doing, she’s talking instead. I guess she’s quiet when she practices piano, but likely only because she has to focus so much.

Is this a long phase?

One response to “Chatty Kathleen

  1. Grammy says:

    In addition to the talking, talking, talking she also managed to sing. So very Caden!

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