The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on November 30, 2015


Thanksgiving! This is the only picture I took all weekend. Mighty man was in the middle of everything, all weekend. You just can’t help but pick the little guy up, and my mom was holding much of the time. Love that little guy.

I started feeling better on Wednesday which was amazing. I helped my mom do some cooking, and was thankful to not have to spend Thanksgiving on the couch. We had a fairly low key, family filled day which was perfect. The turkey was perfect, my mom found a gluten free ‘stuffing’, and I brought a gluten free pumpkin pie. It’s been a long time since I’ve had pie!

We did a little shopping Friday morning, and then put my parent’s Christmas decorations up. Saturday, my parents came up to our house to get a few projects done. We cleaned the old house for the renters, did a few projects around my house (pictures coming soon!), decorated our house, and made a fire! The girls were beyond excited about the fire. We used small kindling since I didn’t want to worry about it burning forever. It took a bit to get it going, but the girls added some cardboard to the mix and it took off! Bonus points for the chimney/flue working and the house not filling up with smoke. They even roasted a marshmallow. I see many fires in our future.

fire 2

I’m not sure if my mom has ever decorated our tree with us. Maybe one year? It was nice to have another adult around to get the star on straight! The girls were very, very specific about how they wanted their yearly ornaments on the tree. They wanted them in specific groupings, usually with one of the animals ornaments in the mix as well. As always, the tree adds the best holiday glow to the house.


Once again, huge thanks to my parents who are apparently energizer bunnies and can tackle project after project. The old house is clean, the new house is organized, and the faucet finally doesn’t move around. Pictures of my new closet coming this week!

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