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Piano Lessons

on November 24, 2015


We’re in our fifth week of piano lessons now, and we’re finally finding our groove. The first month was definitely a struggle. The girls knew how to play some basic notes, but playing with both hands together was a huge hurdle for both of them. Because of this, they really didn’t want to practice during the week, which made lessons difficult because they weren’t as prepared as they should have been. But, during this last week, things have really come together for both of them and finally practicing became easier and more routine and we fit it in more often. They’re also getting better at playing, which meant I didn’t need to sit next to them while they were practicing. Lessons are expensive, so we’ve talked a few times about how they need to take this seriously, or else we won’t continue it. They both love it, so I don’t think that will be an issue anymore.

Our teacher is really fabulous. They are working on similar things, but she assigns them completely different homework so neither is ever practicing the same piece. This works out perfectly for my two competitive twins, since it takes the competition out of it. She also breaks each piece down measure by measure which has helped them slow down and figure things out.

Lessons are Monday nights, just after dinner. It means I have to be on my game so that the girls are eating by 5:30, but as long as I plan ahead we’re good. It also means that I have an hour and twenty minutes of time to listen to their lessons … and work. It’s actually worked out really well. It’s time when I’m really focused and just sitting at the kitchen table, and I’ve gotten a lot done on these Monday nights.

Any time we try something new there is always this adjustment period where I feel like it’s chaos and maybe we shouldn’t be doing this, and then we settle in. The girls have been so excited about piano, and I worried for a bit that we would never settle in to this, so I’m so glad we have. I’m looking forward to the hopefully many piano recitals we have in our future!

One response to “Piano Lessons

  1. Grammy says:

    Memories of two other Krohn kids practicing piano! I think the struggles were worth it.

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