The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on November 23, 2015

First off, I do so much better when I post something every day on the blog! Once I’m out of the rhythm, it’s hard to find it again. But honestly, now that the girls are older, there just isn’t as much to post about. It’s a good problem to have isn’t it?

Our lives have been consumed by house stuff for the last few months, so I wanted to do something fun this weekend. I searched around and found out that they were lighting the tree in Rice Park Saturday evening. It was supposed to be cold, but we’d only be outside for a few hours so it should be no big deal, and I figured there would be plenty to distract us.

Thursday I was crazy exhausted and just didn’t feel right. Friday things got worse, so I came home from work early. Friday night I had a fever of 101 and went from chills to sweating to chills and back again. Things were not looking good. Saturday morning I completely lost my voice and wanted to sleep all day. I pulled it together for the adoption event, but knew I wouldn’t be able to stand for 2-3 hours looking at pretty trees so I cancelled the outing. The girls were super bummed, as was I, but we’ll make it over to St. Paul another weekend.

It was certainly nice to take a break from the nonstop way we’ve been going, but it also meant that so many things didn’t get done. I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving this week! I do not have any sort of Christmas plan, although the girls have been using the Target Wish List app to put together Christmas lists. (Note to Delaney: Excellent choice with the air hockey table however, $864 is a little steep. Also, we don’t have room for a trampoline. Please don’t be surprised when you no longer see these on your wish list.) I need to get on my list making!

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