The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on November 18, 2015

scooters 2

Our new driveway is cement! Beautiful, smooth cement. Our old driveway was asphalt and it was rough and full of pockets. The girls could scooter, but it was difficult. Now they have a long garage, plus a good driveway, and our street is quiet enough that they can go out into the street as well. While I loved our old neighborhood, our street was busy and people drove fast so I was always afraid to let the girls scooter or ride bike.


Can you believe it was November and we were all outside in long sleeve shirts? It’s been glorious! They scootered Saturday, Sunday, and even a little Monday evening. You can see that Delaney has an old scooter my parents got her when she was three maybe? A new Razor scooter is on her Christmas list!

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