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Mornings and Evenings

on November 12, 2015

In the old house, our mornings ran relatively smoothly. The girls were able to watch a little tv while they ate breakfast, and with a few reminders we all got out the door on time. That has not been the same in the new house, and it goes for all of us. On Monday, I didn’t lock a single door and left the garage door open. I have no idea.

Part of the problem with our mornings is that we now only have one tv upstairs. Before we had a little tv in the kitchen where I watched what I wanted to watch (GMA in the mornings, HGTV otherwise) and the girls watched the tv in the living room. They knew they could watch their cartoons while they ate breakfast, so they hustled through getting dressed and getting breakfast. Now, we only have the tv in the living room, and I have stated that if I’m upstairs it will be Good Morning America on that tv. So, the girls have tried to figure out when they can watch their cartoons, which has led to arguments and then Delaney refuses to do anything, I yell, and our mornings suck. We are having a family meeting today to try to figure this out, but I’m thinking of saying they can watch cartoons until 7:30, then the tv goes off until we’re eating breakfast at which point we watch GMA. Eventually I would like a tv in the kitchen, but we’re not there yet.

Our afternoons/evenings haven’t been any better. We can’t seem to find a balance between having a little downtime, and getting all of their things (homework, reading, piano practice) completed. We’ve talked about adding back gymnastics in the new year, but that’s another night we’re away from home which will not help things either.

The move has been stressful on everyone. I’m hoping if we can get our routines back and running smoothly, that will help everyone’s moods.

3 responses to “Mornings and Evenings

  1. Amanda says:

    Claire’s new school has a no-media philosophy, and while we don’t follow it to a T, we have cut out all screen time in the mornings and even in the evenings during the week. It’s made a HUGE change in our attitudes as we’re trying to get all our stuff done. There’s no question about how much or when or where anyone will watch things – because we just don’t watch things. I thought it would be super hard on us adults, too, but it’s actually been great all around.

    • Erin says:

      I’ve definitely contemplated this. I do like not even having the argument about how much and when. This morning we just listened to the radio, which was nice. Maybe we’ll try no tv in the mornings for a week and so how it goes!

      • Amanda says:

        It definitely took a little bit for us all to settle in, but I think Claire is actually more CHEERFUL in the morning. Before, I think she was having actual anxiety about rushing through things so she would have maximum iPad time, so she’d miss little details of her chores, which would make me and Joel crazy, which would cause her to get annoyed at our nagging, which turned into a vicious cycle of anger and pouting and frustration.

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