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Life with identical twins

Check in

on November 10, 2015

This past week has been absolutely crazy. Tuesday and Wednesday I was in California. Thursday morning was the closing. Closing went very smoothly (thanks to my incredible lender) and then I headed to the house to start painting. On Thursday afternoon I painted the girls room, then came back that evening and painted the guest bedroom with Delaney’s help. On Friday my amazing sister-in-law came over and we were painting machines! We painted the entry way, living room, kitchen, bottom half of the dining room and the hallway. That night I came back over and painted the top half of the dining room.

Some notes on painting. Rule number one – buy the good paint! I used the Duration line by Sherwin Williams and it’s absolutely dreamy! Covered well in one coat and just went on so well. We didn’t need to tape anything. Second note, just do it! Kristina and I both said painting is our favorite. It’s a diy job that we can do without our uber talented husband/brother/father, and it’s instant gratification! As the gray went on the house started to feel more and more like my home. (I once again used Mineral Deposit by Sherwin Williams. It’s a blue/gray and again, I cannot say enough good things about it. It sounds like it would be a cold color but it’s not!)

A little before and after for you. He inexplicably painted everything a yellow? Which just didn’t work with the white trim and the gray stone everywhere.



Saturday we moved and unpacked. It was an exhausting and frustrating day. When I first saw this house everything looked so perfect and updated and the more time I spend here the more I realize that was all a facade. The furnace is old, the windows are old, the trim is cheap, the closets are shit, the dryer is 50+ years old and the kitchen is wonky. It’s adding up to be a lot more projects than I ever expected, and those projects will all likely need to happen earlier than I expected. It’s been a rough week, topped off with the neighbor’s pit bull jumping the 2.5 foot fence Monday morning and eagerly greeting my dogs who were not so eager to greet him. If you know a fence guy, clearly I need one.

I don’t live well with chaos, and right now the entire basement is boxes and tubs and stuff everywhere, so that is priority one. I think with a night or two of organizing and a few trips to Goodwill, we’ll be in better shape there which will do loads for my sanity.

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