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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

on November 3, 2015

Let’s start with the good. The response to my rental ad has been amazing! I’ve showed the house four times, everyone has been really positive about the house, and one couple asked for applications. The 180 this has been from showing my house when it was up for sale cannot be commented on enough. Clearly people who rent are looking at different things than people who buy but man, this is just a breath of fresh air. I also am happy to be providing for the underserved pet owner market! Someone’s dog(s) is going to have a kickass yard of their own very soon. I think there is a very good chance I will have a renter locked down before we move.

The bad. On Saturday the kitchen sink backed up. I had to call four different plumbers before I found someone who could unclog it. Luckily, they work weekends and don’t charge extra. On Sunday Midas fell off a step and injured his back leg. He strained a muscle, so it’s the best possible injury, but he needs to rest it so someone has to hold him at all times. We’ve tried putting him in his crate, but he just barks. I’m fairly sure besides the hopefully nominal pain, this is his version of heaven. And on Monday we had an appointment at 4:00, one showing at 5:00, another at 5:30, and piano lessons at 5:50. Somehow, everything went exactly as planned, even though dinner was hodge podge in between all of those things.

The ugly. This afternoon I am getting on a plane to California to give a presentation at the client. On the one hand – yay! I’m all for good press for our project and it’s fun to be asked to do something like this. On the other hand, doing this days before closing and moving is not ideal. I’ve already told my client dinner will need to involve some wine to alleviate the inevitable anxiety.

Also, Happy Birthday Mom!

2 responses to “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

  1. Grammy says:

    You continue to amaze me, dear daughter! We’ll celebrate with a bottle of wine this weekend.

  2. […] yes, I found renters for the old house. I showed the house to a bunch of people that first week. They all loved the house, but never emailed me asking for an application. I started to wonder if I […]

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