The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Moving On

on October 28, 2015

As of today, my house is officially off the market. Womp, womp. I think we were all a little mystified as to why the house didn’t sell. Bad timing? That’s my guess. For the first ten days we had one showing. One. We also had the warmest September ever. All those buyers who were burned out from looking over the summer, just weren’t going to look at houses when it was 80 and beautiful in September. Once October hit I got showing requests left and right. In general, I think we had at least one showing every day. Everyone liked the house, thought it showed well, thought it was priced well, it just wasn’t right for their buyer. A house very similar to mine sold for $20,000 above asking, with multiple offers. My house, nothing. Are buyers being picky? Who knows. And then the showings stopped as quickly as they started. In the past 10 days we had one showing, and those people aren’t planning to buy until spring!

I could have left it on the market for longer, I could have cut the price again, but I was feeling incredibly anxious. Like panic attack anxious. And I found that while I was anxious about what was happening to my house, I couldn’t get excited about the new house. I second guessed all of my decisions a million times and over analyzed everything, but in the end, I think we found a great house and I’m excited to get in and paint it and start living in it. But that excitement has only come about within the last day, before that I was just one huge ball of anxiety and I needed to get past that. (My one huge regret? Not putting an offer in on the Quebec house that we first fell in love with. If I knew what I know now about down payments and mortgages, we would be living there. I just didn’t know! But I need to let that goooooo. Perhaps I’ll sing it out once we’re in the new house.)

What will happen to this house? I’m going to rent it out. And to my neighbors that are reading this, I promise to find good tenants! I’ve always wanted to own rental properties, I think they can be a great investment if you are in them for the long haul, and I hope to be. I’m going to do this on my own, since I live close by and have a stable of people who can do any necessary repairs. I’ve done a ton of research and have had plenty of time to think this through and feel good about it.

There aren’t a ton of houses for rent in my area, so less competition. I’m hoping the fenced yard appeals to people who have dogs, and that those people don’t also have dogs who wreck the house. More and more of my younger coworkers are renting rather than buying, and being so close to downtown, this should all work in my favor right? Cross your fingers.

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