The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on October 19, 2015

I’ve been doing the holiday card thing long enough that I plan far, far ahead for the pictures. Just in case you need to do a retake! Last year’s pictures were not the best, after which I vowed to just do professional shots for this year. Unfortunately with the house, that just isn’t in the budget this year, which meant it was up to me.

A few years ago we hit up the river by downtown Minneapolis and I immediately noticed the gorgeous colors and many photo opportunities. Given that we were doing a staycation for the break, I knew we could get down there when the fall color was prime, but there weren’t a ton of people.

It was chilly on Friday! I waited until after lunch time so it warmed up a bit, then promised the girls hot chocolate after if they cooperated. We got some amazing pictures! This year I have multiple that I like which is a bit novel for mom directed holiday card photo shoots. Now I just need Shutterfly to run a sale on their holiday cards and we’re in business.

Here are a few outtakes! I’ve learned to take the silly face pictures when they request, and I let them pick a few spots to take pictures. We had so many backdrops to choose from. Between the gorgeous fall color, the river, and the downtown skyline, we got some great shots!

outtake 1

outtake 2

outtake 3outtake 6

One response to “Outtakes

  1. Sue says:

    These are great, Erin.

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