The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Only two

on October 16, 2015

I only have two pictures this week and one is blurry. Apologies. It worked so well to take pictures in the driveway as we went out to meet the bus, it’s always last minute when I try to take them upstairs. But, I love the picture from the backyard, so my goal is to do that every day next week. It should be warm enough!

oct 12

Monday. I talked Caden into wearing a different headband! That is her go to sweatshirt when I tell her it’s going to be cool. Why oh why can’t she just wear her jacket?

oct 14

Wednesday. There’s the sweatshirt again! This week, Delaney was unable to pick out her own clothes. She’s been so tired this week, and that one task in the morning seems to be more than she can handle. I don’t really mind, at least she doesn’t argue with what I pick out!

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