The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Last beautiful weekend

on October 13, 2015

Another beautiful weekend! Likely the last before next spring, but I wouldn’t turn down another one like this.

On Saturday we had an adoption event. This one was at a different pet store than the one we usually go to. It was packed! Lots of dogs, lots of people. More than a little overstimulation for everyone. Lark was decently social, just kept circling back to me every once in a while to make sure I was still there, hopping up on my lap when she needed a break. A few people did hold her which was good! She definitely connects more with woman than men. Midas is a champion at these events. He went up to the front of the gated area and stood on his hind legs until someone picked him up, and someone is always willing to pick him up. One couple totally fell in love with him (and he fell in love with them, he fell asleep in their arms which he didn’t do with anyone else). It would be a great match, we’ll see if they fill out an application.

I volunteered to take the dogs who aren’t in foster homes back to boarding after the event, but one dog completely stole our hearts. We dropped the little dogs off, but brought this guy home for a few hours.

ember 2

Isn’t he adorable?

ember 1

He’s a cocker spaniel/clumber spaniel mix I think? And he was the sweetest boy! He followed the girls all around the yard, and would sit and lay down for them.


I love this picture. Delaney is passing out treats to all the dogs, making sure Annie doesn’t steal them. Midas got his treat and then turned and RAN! Go Midas!


Midas is far and away the biggest mama’s boy of the three. I’ve been trying to get him to sleep with the girls so I can have a little more room in my bed, but he won’t have it. As soon as he sees me he comes running to the side of the bed, and of course I can’t resist him.

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