The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on October 9, 2015

It’s been a long week and I am ready for a beautiful weekend.

oct 5

Monday. First of all, I think I’m going to try these out on the patio next week if it isn’t too cold. The light in the living room is okay, but not fabulous. Clearly. Anyway, I remembered to take a picture at the last minute so their coats are on. Boo. But! You can see that we did a little curling of the hair before picture day to try things out.

oct 6

Tuesday. Picture day! We got up extra early and I did flat iron curls in their hair. It looked gorgeous! And hopefully lasted until lunchtime when they had their pictures. I can’t remember why Delaney was so mad here. And you can tell I sprayed hairspray in her eyes, they are super red. Oops. Midas made a few appearances this week.

oct 7

Wednesday. Every day they start out standing next to each other with fake smiles on their faces, so I make them move and pose.

oct 8

Thursday. We bought Delaney’s ‘dress’ last year and it makes me so mad! Look at how short it is already! And it’s a size 6-7! And my kids are not that tall! Oh well. It works well over leggings.

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