The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Crazed weekend

on October 5, 2015

Now that it’s October and the weather has cooled off, we are finally starting to see some action on the house. It has lessened some of my anxiety, but increased others since the showings create a scheduling nightmare. I had to do a timeline for Saturday (and Sunday) to figure out when we needed to leave and when to bring the dogs and when to drop them back at home. I’m over it, especially since we’ve gotten a few no shows.

We had three showings on Saturday, one in the morning and two in the afternoon. We also needed to get groceries and the girls had a birthday party to go to. We grabbed the dogs and hit the grocery store, then I dropped the girls at their party. I took the dogs back to the house and let them run around in the sunshine before heading out for a few errands. I really wanted to wander around the new Nordstrom at Ridgedale, but I knew I wouldn’t have time if I also wanted to mattress shop (by myself, can you imagine doing that with two 7-year-olds?) and buy the girls new duvet covers in peace. So I prioritized. Nordstrom I’m coming for you though!

After I picked up the girls and picked up the dogs, we headed to Target for a pair of boots for the girls. We still had an hour to kill before we could go home, so we went to the dog park. When I sold my first house many moons ago I spent a lot of time at the dog park. They are not my favorite. This time a smallish pit bull terrorized Annabelle (why oh why was he on the small dog side?) and a tiny pomeranian terrorized Lark. I gave my best death stare to no avail.

After all of these shenanigans we headed home to make a bonfire and some dinner. We had a bunch of random sticks and smaller logs that either needed to be put up off the ground or burned. I love fires, so I was all about burning them. Getting the fire going and continuing to burn down the pile of wood was the best thing ever for me. So soothing. I even let the girls make s’mores before dinner.


Sunday was also a little crazed. A coworker ran the Twin Cities marathon and we had an open house, so in order to keep my sanity, I brought the dogs to doggy daycare. Best decision ever. It added a little extra driving to our day, but it was so nice not to worry about them, or to drag them everywhere with us.

We made signs! We cheered for Sarah at mile 25 so I wanted to be mostly inspirational with a side of funny. I think we hit our mark? I was crazy impressed with all of the runners. Almost all of them were running, and only a few looked to be in major pain.

After lunch we hit a movie (Hotel Transylvania 2, not bad) and then shopped for a bit (still couldn’t go home) before picking up the dogs. Once home, I made dinner and then we all crashed. The girls watched a movie upstairs and I took the dogs downstairs to watch Project Runway.

I’m trying to find a good attitude about all of this, but I’m not quite there yet. I’m a planner, and I don’t do well with uncertainty, so this whole deal is not in my wheelhouse. On the flip side, I feel like it’s stretching me in the best possible way. I know good will come of this, through one path or another, I just want it to get here already!

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