The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Corn Maze 2015

on September 29, 2015

Since the corn maze was super fun last year, I really wanted to make sure we got back there again this year. With 75 and sun predicted for Saturday, it seemed like the perfect day to hit it up and it was!

The girls had a birthday party in the afternoon, so we headed out after that. I worried that we wouldn’t have enough time there, but we were there for about two and a half hours and that was enough. We hit the petting zoo, did the corn pits twice, and spent a ton of time in the corn maze. In the corn maze they have markers with letters on them, so you try to work your way from A to Z as you go through the maze. We completely screwed up the first part and found ourself at the back of the maze while still looking for A. Oops! So we slowed way down, took our time, and found as many letters as we could. We probably got 75% of them? And then everyone was hungry and tired and we headed out for some food. We ended the evening with a hay ride and the hay bale maze. And then showers at home, the corn dust was everywhere!

corn 1

corn 2

corn 3

corn 4

corn 6

corn 5

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