The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on September 24, 2015

dogs 1

I took this picture Monday afternoon right after I let the dogs out of the house. They had spent most of Sunday in boarding, and that evening was rainy. When I let them out Monday afternoon and it was warm and sunny, there was pure joy! Look at Midas! He ran and jumped and did his funny chihuahua run. Some day I will absolutely get that on video because it is amazing. Everybody ran and ran and ran around the yard.

The Mighty Man has been doing really well. His marking in the house has decreased, he knows how to use the doggy door to get in the house, and will let me know if he needs to go outside. He continues to make us laugh and smile. Annabelle has started playing with him a little more, but she’s still unsure what to do since he’s so little. He’s a total mama’s boy which I love. He gets absurdly excited to see me, it is so cute!

dogs 2

Larky lark. She has made huge strides! When we first got her she would not come in the house on her own. There is something about crossing the threshold of a door that causes her anxiety. But! Now she not only comes inside on her own, she uses the doggy door occasionally! I think she usually follows another dog in, but still. She still gets scared with noises, but has figured out some safe spots that she can go to to get away from the noise when she needs to. She is slowly warming to the girls again, which delights Delaney to no end. They have both been very slow and cautious with her, and their efforts are slowly being rewarded.

Lark and Annabelle are still close buddies. Their favorite time to rough house is bedtime. Yay. They tear around my bed and growl and play. I try to ignore them and read my book. Luckily, it wears them out and as soon as I turn the lights out, they both fall asleep.

I was told that someone put in an application for Midas, but I haven’t heard anything more, so I’m guessing nothing happened with that. Lark made a connection with a couple at an event last weekend, so I’m hoping they follow up and fill out an application. I think it would be a good match for her. I’m still a little amazed neither of them has been adopted, but I’m still confident we’ll find amazing forever homes for them!

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