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The House

on September 21, 2015

I feel like since we went to that open house at the end of August, our life has been consumed with selling our current house and finding a new house. Painting, cleaning, organizing, constant searching on the internets. Ugh. I will be very happy to move on to packing as my main focus because this whole thing has been stressful!

Let’s start with our house. It officially went on the market Friday afternoon, with showings to begin Saturday and an open house on Sunday. I expected to be bombarded with showing requests and so sent the kids and Annabelle to my parent’s house for the weekend, and boarded the two foster dogs after the adoption event on Saturday. And then … crickets. We had two showings on Saturday, not nearly what I had hoped for. The open house on Sunday was a little better, but still, not the crazy amount of traffic I had hoped for. Then again, it was an absolutely beautiful fall weekend, and I’m guessing most people chose outdoor activities over house hunting. Hopefully this week will be better.

I’m apparently the opposite of every one else, and stalked the new listings every day. I wanted to start looking at houses so that when our house sold, I wouldn’t be at square one. There are a lot of houses for sale in our city, but they span a wide range of prices and square footage, so that in any given range, there aren’t a ton of houses for sale. We looked at the listings I’d been eyeing and they were all a no go. Thursday evening a few more came on the market and from their pictures, they were all contenders. We walked through them Friday evening with my parents and instantly fell in love with the one of them. It’s around the corner from our current house, so it’s in the same elementary school district. The house was completely renovated, so no crazy diy projects for me to do. The yard is nicely sized, but more manageable than my current yard. It checked off 90% of our requests and we were all really excited.

One of my main stressors has been selling our house, but not having one that we want to buy. I have nightmares about it, and it causes anxiety in the girls as well. I have two kids and three dogs, who is going to rent a short term apartment to me? Or let me live in their basement? Serious nightmares. So when we found this house and all loved it, I turned around and made an offer. Possibly stupid since we haven’t sold ours yet? YES.

The seller accepted our offer yesterday. Everyone keeps telling me my house will sell quickly and I hope it does. Let’s hope I didn’t just sign myself up for two mortgages.

And you can bet your reformed Catholic behind that I ordered a Saint Joseph statue from Amazon to be buried asap!

3 responses to “The House

  1. Scott says:

    Erin, do you have a realtor or is it sale by owner? If you don’t, get one quickly and let them do their magic. Your house will sell and you and the girls will be soon living in a “Saint Joseph” house of your dreams!

    • Erin says:

      I have a realtor. I agree, they can work magic. I wouldn’t sell my house any other way! She’s local, so she really knows the area and how to market houses here.

  2. Billy says:

    Yay for having your offer accepted!
    And hoping you sell your house very soon.

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