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Pool Tricks

on September 10, 2015

We have had so much fun in the pool this year. Since the girls love to do somersaults and handstands in the water, we’ve started tossing them around as well. They’re so light and easy to flip! Every time we do this I think – We need to get this on video! So our last trip to the pool I brought my phone. Then we made ONE more trip to the pool so I brought the big camera. It was a little too dark to get really great pictures, but I got a few action shots.

caden flip

laney flip

I recorded all of these in slow mo, but for whatever reason, whenever I upload it anywhere, it goes back to regular speed. Annoying!

There is a girl at the YMCA that drilled, and I mean drilled, the girls on their diving. She was only seven so I told the girls they could just do their own thing, but clearly she knew what she was doing!

I love that they love to do cannonballs.

My favorite trick!

2 responses to “Pool Tricks

  1. Grammy says:

    Just listen to all the giggles and laughs!

  2. Billy says:

    oh, wow! that’s amazing!

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