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Shopping Local instead

on September 4, 2015

So. I decided that this year I just didn’t have it in me to brave Stride Rite and the BOGO sale. Sure you save some money, but is it worth your sanity? This year I decided no, it wasn’t.

There is a local children’s shoe store in a little strip mall near the YMCA. The girls actually got their very first pair of shoes here, but they don’t always have a great selection, and shoes are never on sale so we just don’t shop it a ton. But, it’s close so I figured it could be our first stop. If we struck out there, there’s always Nordstrom Rack.

Not only did they have a great selection, they had tons of shoes in the girls sizes, and we got an awesome sales woman! She made suggestions on which shoes to try to fit their narrow feet, and she didn’t bat an eye when I said we kind of wanted velcro over tie even though tie is better for narrow feet. And! She didn’t try to talk me into going 2 sizes up so they had room to grow (my kids feet grow slooooow). She made trip after trip, and even brought in last year’s shoes which were on clearance. It was all very low key, the girls didn’t demolish anything, and I didn’t hyperventilate. Win. The shoes they liked were so cute I even let them each pick out two pairs.

As soon as you walk in there is a wall of snow boots. She immediately asked if we needed boots and I said no. It’s September! I’m not ready for that yet. After we had picked out their sneakers, she asked about the boots again. I asked if a lot of people were buying them already and she said yes, they were already running low on some sizes. Damn. You don’t want to miss the good snow apparel window or you’re out of luck. So we circled back and started looking at the boots. The girls had Kamik boots last year and reported that their socks got wet, so they requested waterproof boots. Some Kamiks are waterproof, but she really recommended the Bog boots. I was worried they wouldn’t keep the girls feet warm, but she insisted they would. Luckily, they had our sizes in last year’s styles, so we got them on sale! $20 off each pair of boots! That never happens! Cross that one off the list.

One response to “Shopping Local instead

  1. Jill says:

    I skipped Stride Rite this year as well. We walked in, there were three other families in the tiny store and one sales person. I just couldn’t do it. I wish we had a local place though, we ended up at Nike and I’m not super pleased. Jealous you have snow gear done!

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