The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

State Fair 2015

on September 3, 2015


We have not been to the Minnesota State Fair since 2011, so I figured it was time to go back. For some people, the State Fair is an annual thing. For me? Not so much. We didn’t go a ton as kids, so I don’t have that pull from childhood. Plus, most of the food that you think of getting is deep fried and I can’t eat it. But, I had heard there were some great gluten free dining resources and they were correct! So we headed back this year with Grampy.

We focused on animals, rides and food. It was cloudy and cool (predicted to be sunny and hot, so we were lucky) and I think the clouds kept most people away. We were able to hit quite a few things in the morning with no lines. We wanted to go see the animals while it was still cool and the crowds weren’t crazy, so after getting in a few rides and some mini donuts, we headed into the Miracle of Life center. I have mixed feelings about this place. I think it’s super cool that people get to see all of these babies either being born, or shortly after, but I also just want these mamas to have a little peace and privacy! This brave mama sheep had quadruplets earlier that morning! They named them Eenie, Meany, Miney, and Mo. So adorable.


I think usually we hit the horse barn and then skip the rest, but this time we wandered through the cattle barn as well. So many pretty cows! I always think of cows as black and white, but we saw some gorgeous brown cows, and some brown and white cows. It was fun. I loved how these two snuggled up together for their morning nap. Here’s to hoping they are the kind of cows that get to go home at the end of the fair.


It’s not the fair if you don’t hit the rides! The girls are still a little too young for the big kid rides, so we hit the kids midway. They didn’t really want to do the same rides, so my dad took Laney and I took Caden. She was very excited for her Jumping Dumbo ride.


For lunch, we headed to the food building. Delaney wanted pizza, so my dad took her and they found some pizza. I wanted to find the place that did gluten free beer battered bratwursts. When you’re gluten free, most fried food is out because of cross contamination, so when something deep fried, and even better beer battered comes along, you go for it. Except I couldn’t find the shop! Caden wanted a quesadilla, and once we finally hunted that down I just ordered there since they labeled their menu (LOVE!) and they had gluten free beergaritas! So all was not lost.

We took the bus this year and I’m so glad we did. Some years that whole thing is a cluster, but this year it was super smooth. Plus, after walking around for six hours, I was more than happy to sit down and let someone else drive me home.

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