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More fall softball

on August 31, 2015


The girls had another softball game on Sunday. All of their games are on Sundays which is kind of nice. For this one we had to travel to the way south metro. Long drive on a beautiful day, but what are you going to do? This was yet another team that looked really good in warm ups and had the parents a little worried. Our girls have had some trouble adjusting to the pitching machine. We get hits, although not a ton, and we’ve heard of other teams scoring 5 or 6 runs a game. Anyway, we were fairly well matched which was nice!

This is Caden batting. We are working on her remembering her batting stance. She needs to push her butt out a little more. It makes her lean in a little and she gets a hit almost every time then. She did get a hit at this at bat though! A really nice solid crack up the middle.


And Delaney. She hunches a little in her shoulders, but it mostly works for her. She also got a hit and even scored a run! She was beyond excited about that. This isn’t like summer softball where everybody got a hit and everybody made their way around the bases. We only scored two runs (we won 2-0) so she was excited to be one of them.


Last week the coach invited us to an extra practice to get time in front of the pitching machine. While we were there Delaney did some catching. She liked it and was good at it so he had her catch the first two innings of the game. She has great form, and actually catches the ball most of the time! She really likes catching so I hope he will continue to put her there.


This is Caden at third base. They’ve been working on fielding and where to throw the ball. She got one hit to her here, fielded it, then panicked as to where she should throw it. The play was at first base and she tried to make the throw, but that’s a long ways! She also played first base and did an amazing job there. She caught throws twice (and held on to the ball) and got two people out!

They’ve only been playing with this crew for a few weeks, and I can already see their skills increasing. I love it!

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