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Fall Ball

on August 25, 2015


The girls had their first fall softball game on Sunday! I knew things would be different, but I didn’t realize how different until they handed out the new rules. Each girl gets three swings or five pitches, and it’s three outs per inning. This drastically changes the game! I think it’s really good, but it means a lot more emphasis on batting, and a lot less emphasis on fielding since most girls strike out. If a girl hits the ball, no matter which team, all the parents cheer!

I had kind of high expectations for the game? I hadn’t watched them practice a ton, but I thought their hitting skills would translate. Caden got one hit! It was a nice hit back towards the pitcher. Her team even scored a run! Which meant we won the game 1-0. (I was very worried it would be a 0-0 tie.) Delaney didn’t get a hit, but her swing looked off so we’re going to work on that. Luckily, her coach called and they are going to be at the practice field tonight and any girls that want to come can get in some practice with the pitching machine. Both girls are IN. They really want to work on their hitting so we’ll head over there for an hour or so. During practice they only get about 10 pitches from the machine, so I’m hoping some solid one on one time will be good for them.

Note – this picture is awful but, it was windy and chilly at their game and my phone died so I didn’t get a picture then. By the team we came home Caden was practically comatose she was so exhausted. This was the best I could get.

One response to “Fall Ball

  1. Grammy says:

    It looks like Midas played a rough game, too.

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