The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

For me?

on August 21, 2015

For all of the girls activities thus far I have stayed and watched. Dance, swimming lessons, gymnastics, softball, whatever it was it was usually an hour or less, and there just wasn’t enough time to leave and get back. Plus, I like to watch them!

Last night I packed up my Kindle and my sweatshirt and we headed out to softball practice. Once there we realized we had forgotten water bottles, so I ran home to grab them. As I parked again, I realized all the other moms had dropped kids off and left. No one was hanging out for the practice. It would have been weird if just I had stayed for practice right? So I dropped off the water bottles and told Laney I’d be back at 8pm.

My intention was to go home and read my book on the patio in blissful peace and quiet. Two hours! Think of all the reading I could do! The relaxation! And then I realized that maybe I should just stop in to Walgreen’s and pick up some Vitamin D. As I was walking out of that store I realized I should probably fill the car up with gas. As I was filling up with gas I realized I should probably pick up the last of our groceries for the cabin weekend instead of waiting until Friday. By the time the groceries were put away it was 7:20 so I just went back to the field to watch the last half hour of practice. I was super annoyed with myself for not getting a little downtime in, but I know I’ll appreciate having these errands done this afternoon when we’re leaving town.

Another mom and I were chatting about what to do during these two hour practices. Every Thursday! With the foster dogs, things have gotten a lot crazier around the house and downtime for me is scarce, so I’m hoping this errand running thing is a one time deal. It would be nice to have some quiet time each week!

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