The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on August 19, 2015

* I’m trying not to make the blog all dogs all the time, but they take up every spare spot in my brain these days. Going from two to three has definitely been a big change. Midas is very chill and easy to take care of, but he’s also tiny and I’d prefer someone keep an eye on him at all times. He’s really the sweetest little guy. Loves to cuddle, isn’t a barker, and he loves kids.

* Lark had some sort of allergic reaction, and got a sore under her chin. Because she’s a foster, she has to go to a special vet which of course isn’t really near our house. She was itchy so we raced around and made it work. I’m going to have to make a schedule for her meds, but here’s to hoping this calms her anxiety a bit too.

* I keep seeing blog posts about getting ready for school, and figuring out how to pack lunches and changing your morning routine. We are in the opposite group! Once school starts our routines relax! No more packing 15 lbs of stuff into a backpack and packing a lunch every day. Today they are going roller skating and the rink is providing lunch. HALLELUJAH. It’s like Christmas for me! That said, lunches have gone very well this summer. We switched from the PBK bento boxes to a Ziploc container with three compartments. Sandwich/meat in one, fruit in another, grain in the last. We’ve found a good rotation between pb&j, ham, and turkey so no one has gotten burned out on any one thing. For grains we’ve done tortilla chips, popcorn, pretzels, and cheddar crackers. We’re onto stone fruits right now after doing a lot of strawberries and blueberries (yay for plums!). It’s been very low stress. I’ve also been doing as much as possible the night before, making lunches and getting my coffee ready. It definitely helps out in the mornings!

* I’m also ready for school and daily outfit pictures, anything to push my photography beyond dogs! I’ve really slacked on taking pictures this summer. I’m going to take my camera along this weekend. I’m hoping new scenery will get me out of my rut.

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