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This girl is a sucker

on August 17, 2015


First, I can’t believe how long it took me to figure out to just throw a leash on Lark when she went outside. We spent every morning last week patiently calling her in so that we could leave, and every day it got worse and worse. She loves to be outside! Now she wears a leash and when I need to grab her, I just step on the leash. Easy peasy. Fool me once!

Lark had an adoption event on Saturday. My parents had the girls Friday night, so we met up with them on Saturday, then headed to the adoption event. She did so great! When people would come over to pet dogs, she would scoot right in there. She got picked up a few times and I got excited for her, but I think those people were just there to pet cute dogs. Oh well. I do think she’s a bit deceiving at these events because she is constantly running around the pen, when in reality, she spends most of her day sleeping. I’m going to start being more proactive and chatting with anyone that picks her up so they can get the scoop on her.


When we chose Lark to foster, there were two other chihuahuas that also needed fostering. All three dogs were good with the girls, but ultimately I felt like Lark needed us more. Both dogs are still in boarding, so the girls spent a lot of the event holding one or the other. Everyone at the event fell in love with Midas. He’s so sweet and you could tell he just relished being held.


When I told Caden we couldn’t take him home she started crying. I went to talk with the director to tell her that if he still needed a foster in a week, we’d take him. We’re headed out of town this weekend and I wouldn’t be comfortable bringing him along. She immediately said “Take him now and we’ll put him in a temporary foster home or back in boarding for the weekend.” Okay?


Saturday evening was perfect. We hit the pool, then grabbed takeout on our way home. The weather was gorgeous, my dad had mowed the lawn, and all the dogs and all the kids played until it got dark. It was exactly what we all needed. As you can see, Midas loved it as well. I about died when I saw them laying on the ground like this. When you put him on his back his eyes close and he blisses out. It’s hilarious.


His first night at our house was a little all over the place. Lark is finally comfortable at our house, so a third dog in the mix threw everything off. He didn’t know where he wanted to be, but Annabelle and Lark didn’t want him anywhere near any of their things. I tried him in our small pet porter while we went to the pool, but he didn’t like that for bedtime so in the end he went into the big crate since Lark doesn’t need that as much anymore.

Day 2 went better than day 1 did. We wore them out outside, then all the dogs took long naps in the afternoon. It’s becoming clear that Lark is my dog, and Midas is the girls, which is fine. He’s small enough (5 lbs!) that they can easily take care of him. He does a little exploring, but mostly he naps which I’m in favor of.

PS – As a thank you to Annabelle for dealing with all of this, I got her three knee bones to chew on. She is a (mostly) happy dog.

One response to “This girl is a sucker

  1. Grammy says:

    Who could resist that face???

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