The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

All the things

on August 13, 2015

* The girls had their first softball practice last night. It was two hours which I thought might be long, but they loved it. Fall ball is 8 and under, so they are playing with some older girls. They also use a pitching machine, which looks nothing like what I thought it would. This practice was all about getting used to the machine. Both girls did awesome! Apparently Caden killed a few balls which surprised the coaches! I’m not sure they expected the 7-year-olds to hit that well. I spoke with the coach afterwards and I’m super impressed with him, which makes me so excited for this fall season. It’s only a few games, but I think it will really help the girls build their skills.

* Lark had her first adoption event last night! I dropped the girls at practice, then headed over to the event. Someone was interested in her! This took me a little by surprise, but she was really sweet and very interested in Lark. Unfortunately, the fee was too high for her. After she left I chatted with the other forster homes, and Lark had a blast playing with the other dogs. I had been worried that maybe she had bonded with me too much? And maybe she’d stick close to my side? Not a chance. She would barely come to me when I called her, and spent the entire time going from person to person, dog to dog. I think she’ll do just fine once we find her forever home.

* The girls read a ton, so I’m not as worried about them sliding in that area over the summer, but we haven’t done much math. We went on the iPad to try to download some math apps, but our iPad is old and not a single app would download to our ancient OS! My plan was to get them an iPad mini for Christmas, but for my 15 year anniversary I got to choose a gift from my company, soI chose an iPad mini. It came last night so I sneakily charged it up to keep it hidden from the girls. It will be nice to have a new one that can download all the apps, yet still have the old one for Minecraft and videos. We will definitely need to come up with rules for it though. They haven’t been using electronics very much lately, but I’m sure something new and shiny will grab their attention.

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