The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

More pics of Lark

on August 12, 2015


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Windows 10 is not completely ready for prime time yet. It doesn’t seem to want to play well with photos. That’s what I get for being an early adopter! Oh well, the only pictures on my camera were a few of the girls with Lark. Since we don’t know how long we’ll have her, I’ve been taking quite a few pictures. (Note re: the sweater. Mornings were a little chilly and Lark has very little body fat so she would shiver. Poor baby.)


As these things go, her anxiety seems to get better, then worse. She’s been very skittish around the house lately, but is more comfortable outside. Once I let her outside, I try to let her stay there until I really need her in. She spends about an hour outside in the mornings, and 2-3 hours in the evenings. Sometimes I’ll bring my book out and she’ll sit on my lap while I read, while Annabelle chews on her bone in the shade. (Annabelle’s favorite spot in the yard is under our big oak tree and it makes me so happy because it’s a 100+ year old tree, and it’s the absolute perfect spot for her to do her thing.)

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