The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on August 7, 2015

* The girls finished swimming lessons this week. We were actually early, so they were the first ones in the pool. They did the front crawl down and back, then the back crawl down and back before the other two boys got there. After that they did three more strokes down and back (breast, side, and a different back). I watched them in awe! Their swimming has improved SO much this summer. Both girls used to need a noodle at some point to help them out, but at this lesson neither of them needed any help. And they were swimming a ton! Their form is good, they’re strong, and it’s clear they love doing it. Their teacher and I gushed a bit together after class. She recommended they skip the next level which I agreed with. I asked if they wanted to skip gymnastics in the fall and do another round of swimming lessons but they said no, they want to do gymnastics. Bummer.

* I’ve started seeing back to school pictures on Facebook. People. We don’t go back to school for FIVE more weeks! I checked the district calendar to see if we would still be in school next July and nope, June 10 is our last day. I have no idea how they’ll accomplish that, but thank goodness.

* I got the Stride Rite BOGO email yesterday. I cried a little bit when I got it. My Stride Rite shopping experiences have been widely documented. Love the shoes, hate the buying process. Both girls have sneakers that fit and should make it through (cross your fingers!) another five weeks of camp. Although let’s be honest, they probably won’t. Last year shoes were difficult. My kids tend to wear the same few pairs of shoes over and over, no matter how many pairs I buy them, and I seem to buy all the wrong kinds of shoes. Plus, once they wear their snow boots to school, their shoes have to fit in their backpacks and they don’t like to take big boots. I kind of want to skip Stride Rite this year, but we’ll probably go and see what we can find.

* On the same front, Gap’s friends and family 40% event is also this weekend. Last year I bought a ton of jeans, leggings, and t-shirts. This year I’m not so sure. They still fit in their size 6 jeans and leggings, but a few pairs of jeans have holes in the knees. I bought a few pairs of size 7 jeans, but they are still too big so maybe we can hold off a bit? I prefer buying on sale rather than when they need things, but I know they’ll run this sale again. If we could make it until Black Friday before we need new clothes, that would be amazing!

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