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House Painted

on August 5, 2015


The house is finally painted! For reference, before posts are here and here.

This process took much longer than I expected. There was a lot of siding that needed to be fixed which took a long time, then the scraping and the priming and the prepping took a long time. They ended up working the weekend and evenings, which for this introvert was not so fabulous, but I wanted my house painted so I sucked it up. It was a little weird to be in the kitchen cooking dinner or washing dishes, and have someone on the other side of the window painting the trim.

It’s interesting how the weather has affected the various sides of my house differently. The north side looks perfect. The east and south sides are awful. The siding is rippled and has a super thick coat of paint on it from the last time they painted. The west side needed a lot of scraping, but looks decent. The east side needed the most work (that’s the east side in the pic below). Looking at it now, with another bundle of the cedar shingles and probably a day’s worth of work, we could have resided the whole thing and it would have looked a lot better. Unfortunately, funds and time were already running low, so I left it as is. The new shingles look a different color in the picture, but it’s much less noticeable in person.


I used one of those college painting companies. I did some googling of them and reviews varied greatly. It really depends on who you get and my guy was very conscientious and did a great job. He covered all of my shrubs and protected them from paint, and taped things off really well. We walked around last night and I was very happy with everything.

The lawn has really grown in as well! The sod needs a lot of watering in this warm weather, but the grass we seeded is doing fabulously! I thought I would have to do a lot of filling in and overseeding, but it has filled in very nicely. I could not be happier. I’m definitely ready to get ready of the maze of hoses I have in my backyard though. Really ready.

Since he spent all day Sunday with us, he got to know Lark and Annabelle fairly well. He fell in love with Lark (it’s hard not to) and even checked in on her for me on Monday. In the beginning, Annabelle barked and barked at him, but once she saw Lark getting scratches from him, she was all over him. She even hopped into his lap last night! We laughed. A little jealousy and Annie is Little Miss Social Butterfly.

One response to “House Painted

  1. Grammy says:

    3 cheers for the finiahed project! The house looks amazing. You did a great job “repurposing”.

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