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Another project (almost) crossed off the list

on July 31, 2015

I’ve had two major house projects that have been on the list for years – fix the deck and paint the house. I didn’t want to do either if I was going to remodel this house. Once I made the decision to not remodel (which I rethink nonstop because I love this house, yard, and neighborhood) I made the decision to knock both projects off the list this summer.

I’d say the patio was finished earlier this summer, but it doesn’t really feel finished. There are hoses strewn across it, I haven’t really figured out where to put my flower pots, the gutter hasn’t been capped off yet, and I still need to get a new dining set. This tiny bit of chaos causes a bit of anxiety, but we’re working on it. I’ll post pictures next week of the back of the house, but the sod looks amazing and the grass we seeded came in really nicely. So. Close.

I wanted to wait to paint the house until after our July vacations, so we settled on the last week in July. My siding is awful and a few spots needed to be fixed. I thought they would just replace the individual spots that were bad but no, the handyman I hired took the whole row off! My dad agreed this is what he would have done as well, so clearly I was the delusional one.

The painters and the handyman have been working every day this week. This is turning into one expensive project. I don’t even know how nice it will look in the end since I still have the crap siding, but at least it will be painted! They’re also finally painting the trim on the windows I had put in ages ago. What can I say, summertime projects are hard to complete!

After this, there is really no reason why we couldn’t sell this house. However, I’m in no rush. The kitchen and bathroom get crowded with all three of us, but I think we could still reasonably stay in this house for 2-3 more years before space really becomes an issue. That said, an office space that I could work from and a better spot where the girls could do homework would be huge for us. We shall see.

One response to “Another project (almost) crossed off the list

  1. Grammy says:

    I’m anxious to see the finished project. And you’re right — long over due!

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