The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Almost August

on July 30, 2015

Because the elementary schools have the latest start time in our city, the girls sleep in later for school, than they do in the summertime. I’ve always been a bit bummed about that, since summer should be about staying up late, sleeping in, and having lots of adventures.

But, I think I’ve been talking about it a bit too much because that’s all I hear lately. “I don’t want to go to YMCA. I want to sleep in!” Ugh. I finally told both of them no more complaining about the YMCA, no more complaining about getting up early. Because honestly? They only get up 15-30 minutes earlier than they do during the school year. Plus, they’ve been asking me to get up even earlier so they can get to the YMCA earlier, so they can play in the “cool room” before they go outside at 8:00am. So. Here’s to hoping we’re done with that bit of whining, although I’m not holding my breath.

Yesterday morning as we were walking in Delaney asked how much more YMCA they had. I told her she had over a month left. You think they’d be happy about having a month before school starts! I do think they that we are all in a bit of a weird school mindset. Both of our summer vacations are over. We’ll still hit the lake a few more weekends, but no big vacation to look forward to. We bought their new school backpacks and lunch boxes in early July, and their school supplies last week. Even I catch myself thinking that school must just be around the corner?

Summer in Minnesota doesn’t last long, so I hate that we’re wishing it away. I keep thinking we should make a summer bucket list or something like that, but I’m not sure what the girls would put on it besides getting fro yo, and going to the zoo. Instead I’m just trying to ensure that we spend some time outside every night. We’re all a little tired by the time we get home, and after dinner it’s easy to just collapse on the couch, but we’ve been trying to take Annie for a walk, or read our books on the patio. This weekend I’m hoping to maybe get some yard work in, maybe actually hit the farmer’s market this time?

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