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Betting on the Ponies

on July 28, 2015

I’m posting this way after the fact, but last week got crazy so here it goes.

After we got home from Lake Mary, I tried to get things unpacked and run through the laundry as quickly as possible so that we had Sunday to do what we wanted. Initially I had thought we’d hit a smaller Farmer’s Market where a gluten free bakery was serving cinnamon rolls, but I checked twitter and saw that Canterbury Park had family day that day, with free face painting and pony rides. Sold! I’ve wanted to take the girls to the horse races for a few summers, but it’s hard to find the right timing to do it.


We had so much fun. In between races we hit the pony rides, face painting, and petting zoo. We also went to the paddock to see the next race’s horses, and to see who they were picking to do well in the race. We tried just picking the name we liked best, but those horses finished dead last.


One race I tried placing my bets on the computer, but I screwed up and ended up betting on the next race. Ouch! So for that race, we hedged things and placed another bet on the favored horse. Both horses we bet on were out on front from the very beginning! It was very exciting after having our horses finish last. And, we finally won some money! We won money on our last race too, which brought us a little closer to even for the day.


The only downside to the afternoon is that it’s a lot of walking around. I liked sitting in the upper deck so we could see the whole race, but that meant going up and down the stairs a lot as we checked out the horses or did the activities. The girls were troopers, but it was a bit of a pain and I felt like we were always on the move.


I can’t wait to go back, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to talk the girls into it. I’m hoping maybe if we can get some friends to go along too, they’ll get excited about it.

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