The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Adventures for Annabelle

on July 24, 2015


Given that Annabelle was at the pet boarding place while we were out of town over the 4th of July, I had a lot of anxiety about what to do with her while we were gone for a week at the lake. I contemplated a lot of different scenarios. I thought about having one of my friends stay at our house with her, I thought about asking friends if she could stay with them, but I worried about her barking all the time and bothering people. I didn’t want to worry about how she was doing, or if she was being annoying, so in the end I booked her into the boarding place again.

The problem with the boarding place is that she’s out and about with the other dogs from about 7:30am – 6:30pm. That’s a long day for a dog that loves her sleep. She would come home absolutely exhausted, and would sleep an entire day away just to recover. During the week she sleeps most of the day while we’re gone, and the change in her schedule was too much. When I booked the reservation I requested that she be given a multi-hour break from the daycare room in the middle of the day to recover.

When we dropped her off I also signed her up for daily doggy ice cream. I figured a little treat would make her days better. This worked out well because ice cream is at noon, so she could get a nap in after that. The boarding place has web cams, so we watch her all day. She was regularly out of the room for about three hours every day, which was perfect. We also caught her playing and wrestling with the other dogs a bunch of times! This is huge for her! She isn’t very good at social play with other dogs, so to see her being a normal dog was awesome.

We picked her up at noon on Saturday and she was her happy, perky self. She wasn’t exhausted, and she didn’t come home and sleep for 24 hours, so this was definitely a success.

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