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More Horses

on July 21, 2015


I knew we wanted to go back to the same place with the horses as we did last year when we were at Lake Mary. I had done some research ahead of time and thought they could do an hour long private lesson, but no, only a 30 minute intro lesson, walking only. Delaney was bummed because Caden got to trot at the YMCA and she didn’t, and we thought this might be her chance. Eight really seems to be the magic age for the more advanced lessons.

They got an overview of the sadle and the bridle and how you put everything on. I’m fairly sure they remember none of it. It was a wee bit technical for them.


The intro lesson covers starting, stopping, and turning, all of which they already know how to do so the instructors let them do the poles over and over.


Lots of slow walking around the riding arena, even a game of red light, green light. It wasn’t the most exciting lesson, but it was fun for me to get to watch them ride! Next year, we could do either the private lessons or a trail ride. A trail ride would be fun, yet that is mostly more slow walking while looking at the person in front of you.


Delaney rode Levi. Such a pretty boy!


And Caden rode Lily. Sorry for cutting your head off Lily!

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