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Lake Mary

on July 20, 2015

lake 2

At home I have a definite routine. After the kids go to bed, I head to my laptop and write up the post for the next day. Most of our past vacations I’ve done the same thing but this time, nope. It was so good to disconnect and not fire up the laptop every night.

Vacation was awesome. So awesome. The resort we stay in is picture perfect, on a lake that you can swim in (some lakes in Minnesota right now are gross with algae) and has great fishing, our cabin looks directly onto the beach, and our neighbors were super fun. On top of that, we had sunshine and 85 degree weather every single day. A few days they were predicting something different, but somehow it always ended up being 85 and sunny, no matter how the morning started.

lake 4

The sun did get a little relentless. Caden is usually good about self regulating, but I realized she recognizes when she’s cold, but not so much when she’s too hot. We played games and had them read in the shade, and took water/sunscreen breaks frequently. We played Sequence a bunch of times and it’s the perfect game because it requires some strategy, but not so much the kids can’t play. We had a bit of a fail in this picture because we wanted to play outside, but were in the sun and there was no breeze. The kids bailed after 15 minutes. Luckily I was in a swimsuit because I was dripping sweat. Why didn’t we just move the picnic table into the shade???

lake 1

As I mentioned last week, there were neighbor kids that the girls made friends with. By the end they were friends with everyone, kids and adults, and we all spent a lot of time out in the water together. And yet, it was moments like this one that I loved the most. Watching the two of them out in the water making up crazy games and having so much fun. We’ve been to the pool a few times this year and it just doesn’t compare to lake fun for them. They spent hours on this aqua mat. Having conversations, doing somersaults off of it, getting thrown across it. It was their very favorite thing.

lake 3

Both girls learned how to dock the boat on this trip, and they drove the boat quite a bit on their own. My dad was always right there, and they were excellent captins! The neighbors even clapped when Delaney docked the pontoon perfectly! She was proud (and a bit embarrassed) as was I. I also think Caden really let out her goofy side this trip. She was silly and funny and had all of these sayings, she definitely kept us laughing!

3 responses to “Lake Mary

  1. Grammy says:

    To Lake Mary! Cheers!!!

  2. Billy says:

    What a wonderful vacation!

  3. […] with good fishing changes things. The girls LOVE to fish, and my dad and I love to fish with them. Last summer during our Lake Mary vacation we fished every day and it was so much fun. It got everyone thinking that maybe it was time to look […]

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