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Snacks on hand

on July 10, 2015

Having been gluten free for almost four years now, I’ve definitely learned what situations I can stay strong in and when I’m going to cave. I used to cave a lot, but being sick is not so appealing to me anymore so I try to plan ahead. Dessert is tough for me. Before I was dairy free, I could often have some candy or ice cream along with everyone else. Now, that is out too. So I bring my own snacks and I bring my own dessert so that when everyone else is eating a treat, I can too. Sometimes, you just don’t want to feel left out.

These two recipes saved me last weekend during the 4th of July holidays. They were both awesome snacks during the day when I needed a little something, and I busted the date bars out every time everyone else ate dessert.

Oatmeal Walnut Date Bars. We often grab groceries on Friday nights. We’ll swing through Trader Joe’s first, then hit Whole Foods for anything left on our list. The girls will often get a cupcake or other treat from the bakery. I’ve tried a few gluten free treats, but none were very good. And then I found a crumb date bar in the freezer. It was perfection! The right amount of sweet with the right amount of baked treat. These bars are close to Whole Foods bars. The dates taste enough like caramel to make this a great dessert.

Monster cookie dough energy bites. There are a million recipes out there for energy bites. It’s really all about what ingredients you like. For me, almond butter is out, which means I need something that is based in peanut butter. I like the flax seed and coconut in this, and the chocolate gives it a little sweet. The girls eat these as an after school snack, and I like them on the weekends if I need a little fat/protein. The only downside is you need to eat them just out of the freezer. When they thaw they end up in a puddle.

Dark chocolate peanut butter granola bars. These bars are my other staple at home. You will always find a container of them in my freezer! They are creamy and nutty with a hit of chocolate.

One response to “Snacks on hand

  1. Thank you for my including my date bars in your post– and I am so glad to hear you like them! They are a favorite in our house, too. We love dates for their caramelly flavor!

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