The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Flip and Flop

on July 9, 2015

* I love our swimming lessons. This is the second year we’ve done them at the YMCA and while they are way more expensive, it is absolutely worth it! In the beginning of the summer Caden could barely tread water for 10 seconds, now she can do it for several minutes. Delaney was doing the front stroke (?) and had her face in the water and her arm form was awesome. I couldn’t believe it! Their instructor is awesome, mixing just the right amount of fun into things. I wanted to sign up for a second session this summer, but there isn’t one. Guess we’ll wait until next summer!

* The girls had a sleepover last night with one of their friends. I had an evening to myself! I relaxed a bit, then did some cleaning and organizing and got to bed early. I downloaded a sleep app because I have been so tired lately, I’m wondering if I’m not sleeping well or something. We shall see.

* The sleepover came at the perfect time because their field trip tomorrow was to a park to swim. While my girls are total fish and love to swim, they seem to get burned out on that activity fairly quickly. I’ve broached the possibility of being on a swim team a few times and it always gets vetoed. Maybe when they’re older.

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