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Library cards

on July 7, 2015


The girls have been asking to get library cards for a year now. I’ve continued to say no because I didn’t want to manage three cards and three lists of which books were due when. But, our trips to the library have increased in frequency and it was on my mind more and more. When my account had 35 items checked out on it and most of them weren’t mine, I decided it was time for their very own library cards.

Turns out I was worried for nothing! Our library upgraded their website recently and I can link the girls’ accounts to mine. I’ll get the emails about when things are due, and from my login I can renew or request books for them. So simple!

They had to sign their names on the back of their cards and they got little plastic holders for them. It’s adorable. I’m a little worried they will lose them, but they stay in their purses all the time, and I told them they have to pay for a new card if they lose it (true? not true? don’t tell them) so cross your fingers.

One response to “Library cards

  1. Grammy says:

    I love the fact that they are such avid readers. Big step to have their own library cards!

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