The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Timing is everything

on June 30, 2015

Last week was so busy. We had something going on every night, which isn’t like us. The girls were exhausted, I was exhausted, but I knew we would have this week off and would be able to recuperate. But, one of the reasons I took this extra time off before the 4th of July was to spend time with the girls. I wanted to be able to go to the pool and do all sorts of fun things, but everyone is too exhausted!

We spent the morning at home yesterday which was fine. Originally I thought we’d hit the pool for a few hours after lunch, but the girls were tired and were happily playing with their Legos, so I did laundry and got the house in order. We did eventually hit the pool for an hour, but then it started raining so we had to head home.

Last night we watched my niece play softball and as we were leaving my dad asked if we wanted to go get ice cream. Normally I would say yes, but it was already late and the girls were super tired. Today we’re heading to Valleyfair so they needed to get to bed at a decent hour, which meant we needed to head straight home.

At this point I’m starting to reconcile the fact that there is just no way to get through summer without two exhausted kids. Maybe if I had a nanny who could keep them home on days they’re tired, but that isn’t our life. Running around outside and swimming at the pool is going to tire a kid out, and truly, that is what summer should be anyway. Hopefully we can fit in some quiet days in the middle, and hopefully they get to better at a decent hour 50% of the time. At this point, that’s the best I can hope for!

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