The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Meet Skittles

on June 26, 2015


Meet Skittles. He was Delaney’s horse for the week. At first she was a little sad because he’s only a pony, not a horse, and he’s rather short, but I think Skittles served Delaney well. He was easy going, didn’t spook, and for the most part did what he was told.

Last night was family night so I got to see the horses and where they ride. (Caden’s horse was Harley, and since he was all brown, he was hard to spot.) They had talked about going around barrels and cones, and it was exactly what I pictured. Great way to learn how to tell a horse which way to go.

They have both talked nonstop about the horses and how much fun they have, and why they love to ride. I totally get it. I grew up with horses and while I love to ride, I also love just being around them. I’ve done a bit of investigation and found a few stables that offer week long camps where you spend more time with the horses (with this it’s only one hour each day). I think if we did a week back here, along with a week at a stable, that would give them some solid horse time. Of course the stables don’t offer buses that pick you up two minutes from your house, so we’d definitely have to work that part out.

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